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  • Identified deliverables and aligned internal teams for creative, copywriting, video, marketing automation and web development support
  • Established a monthly cadence of direct email marketing using Salesforce customer data. In most cases customers were directed to a landing page to order samples or printed examples of featured products. Monthly email communications to approximately 25,000 customer accounts averaged an open rate of 33.2%
  • Composed and scheduled weekly social media postings including product announcements, curated content, and marketing promotions.
  • Provided copywriter theme suggestions and resources for reference to create monthly blog entries. Designed the support graphics and imagery for posting
  • Designed, wrote and published a monthly internal newsletter communicating announcements, industry news and market updates
  • Scripted numerous video presentations and worked closely with video professionals to create final productions
  • Took over management of the Veritiv packaging content portal packagingunwrapped.com. With my producing partner debuted and hosted the Packaging Unwrapped Sessions Podcast

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