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The print segment marketing team needed a more comprehensive approach in presenting a promotional schedule to meet yearly business goals and objectives.


  • Identified deliverables and aligned internal teams for creative, copywriting, marketing automation and web development support
  • Established a monthly cadence of direct email marketing using Salesforce customer data. In most cases customers were directed to a landing page to order samples or printed examples of featured products. In 2019 the monthly email communications to approximately 10,000 customer accounts averaged an open rate of 33.2%
  • Scheduled weekly social media postings including product announcements, curated content, and marketing promotions. Since taking over the LinkedIn Print Solutions Page in January 2018, the amount of followers has increased 133%
  • Provided copywriter theme suggestions and resources for reference to create monthly blog entries. Designed the support graphics and imagery for posting
  • Designed, wrote and published a monthly internal newsletter communicating announcements, industry news and market updates

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